CGC would like to welcome you to the December newsletter firstly by wishing you all a Merry Christmas! We’d like to thank you for your continued support and hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2018.

This month we’ll hear from Jamie Ryde, Principal Consultant in Construction Consulting & Development, and John Ainge, captain of the winning cricket team, presents the social wrap for the year.

Project Management Consulting with Jamie Ryde

The continuation of the booming infrastructure sector is still having a resounding affect on the need for the construction of Private and Public-sector buildings to support and surround. The visions being highlighted for Sydney’s growth will truly put the city on par with the mega metropolises around the world…and Sydney is excited!

You only have to look around at the cranes and tracks being laid around the CBD, North Shore and Parramatta to get an insight into what is to come.

This has had a resounding impact on the Project Management Consulting market to provide advisory services to both Government and Private Clients with notable markets currently under resourced being the Commercial mixed-use, Health, Educational and Aged Care.

Our Clients within this space, who range from Tier 1 Property Companies to Ultra Boutique’s, are capitalising on this in a variety of ways, leveraging off existing relationships or gaining new awarded contracts by interviewing candidates with the view to offering them subject to tender, or hiring reactively once awarded, to businesses taking a strategic approach by acquiring an individual with a specific skill set, with the view to them “opening the door” for them! – it’s busy!

Due to the skill shortage in this sector we are also finding that businesses are more open to meeting candidates who don’t fall under your stereotypical “Project Management” bracket. What I mean by this is that on advice, they are open to meeting Project Managers from Building Contractor backgrounds or Architectural Practices and mentoring and training them to become Project Managers. The response has been very strong with the majority of our Clients reporting back that they are not only finding the transition seamless but are also able to capitalise on their alternative skillsets.

CGC Social with John Ainge

Merry Christmas & Season Greetings to All !! With silly season upon us its been a very busy time socially in December for CGC. With a variety of events, birthdays and new starters it doesn’t get much busier.

Firstly we celebrated one of our leaders birthdays: James Grantham ! Happy birthday Jim! Also we welcome a new character to the office in Rodney Habashi who joins the construction team in a resourcing capacity. Welcome Rodney, great to have you on board!

The month started with the quarterly wellbeing initiative set up by our own Glynis Macdonald who invited the brilliant guest speaker Oliver Milton in to walk through a meditation class with the whole team. I think its safe to say every got a lot from the experience with everyone implementing the new breathing technique into their everyday lives. So on behalf of the whole of CGC Recruitment, thank you very much for coming in Olly!

Next on the social ladder was the Staff & Partners Christmas dinner hosted at Via Napoli Pizzeria in Surry Hills. A good time was had by all and meeting everyone’s better halves really helped to cement the family feel within the company.

Quickly moving on was the primary event in everyone’s calendar, the CGC Christmas party, starting with the most important sporting event in Sydney…. If not the world….The Annual CGC Cricket match. In a competitive match Ainge’s Allstars were the victors beating Will’s Weapons with 2 wickets to spare. A big shout out goes to Matt Weighill who sealed his title as the most lethal batter CGC has ever seen. An equally big shout goes out to Martin Smallshaw, who’s costly over possibly cost the Weapons the game. Next time bowl underarm Martin!! Next up was a trip round the harbour on a luxury boat with food and drinks supplied, finishing with a few more drinks and food enjoyed at the Royal in Paddington. Enjoyed by everyone this was a Christmas party that no one will ever forget. A big thank you for the two directors Jim & Nick for hosting a fantastic day (good to see you relaxing after working so hard all year) and a special mention goes to Glynis for organising all the events this month. You did a wonderful job! Thank you!

Finally, and possibly the best news of the month, Congratulations to Trevor Brown on the birth of his son Alfie!! That’s the fullest head of hair we’ve ever seen on a newborn! Congratulations mate have a good break over Christmas and can’t wait to meet Alfie in person!

Have a cracking Christmas guys look after your selves and see you bright and shiny in the next year.