The Interview

Telephone interview

More often than not this style of interviewing happens because the practicalities of a face to face interview aren’t possible. Telephone interviews should still be treated in a formal way and the preparation where relevant should be exactly the same as a face to face. If a time has been set aside for a phone interview ensure you are in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and you have a copy of the job description and your resume in front of you. First impressions count so speak clearly and concisely and ask sensible questions.

Face to face interview

An interviewee needs to be conscious of their body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. It’s important to make a positive first impression remembering to maintain eye contact, have a firm handshake and don’t forget to smile. Be sure of your personal hygiene.

Let the interviewer run the interview however be mindful that the interview is a two way discussion. Try not to digress from the question you are answering and make sure you don’t sound too rehearsed. You will be asked if you have any questions at some point in the interview. This is a natural thing and you should have some questions set aside regarding the company direction or role. Make sure you don’t forget that you are the product and it’s important to sell yourself. Remain modest but don’t be backward at highlighting some of your achievements. The interviewer will positively react to your energy and enthusiasm, most interviewers are looking for reasons to employ people.

At the end of the interview smile and thank the interviewer (or the panel) for their time. If a job is offered there and then don’t feel pressurised into to accepting it. Ask for the details to be put in writing and ask for time to consider it. Contact your CGC consultant as soon as possible after leaving the interview and share with them how you got on.

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